Review: The Gucci Glitter Web Sneaker

February 22, 2016 — by HuesOfMan3



Review: The Gucci Glitter Web Sneaker

February 22, 2016 — by HuesOfMan3

The Gucci Glitter Web Sneaker

Whats percolatin world! Sorry I’ve been M.I.A. for awhile now. I have been busy with the team curating more looks for the Spring, collaborating with other bloggers here in Houston on a couple of projects, and of course, planning some editorials for you all this year. In the meantime…I want to share with you my latest cop from the world of luxury fashion- and this time, it’s a first! Drum roll please…

Welcome to the fam!


So here it is. My new baby, my latest addition to the HoM archive, the Gucci glitter web sneaker. The shoe is part of the new SS16 collection by Gucci, which is now headed by Alessandro Michele who has completely revamped the brand. Major props to him and the team for taking such a risk, especially for menswear.


My first thought on this shoe? Wow, wtf am I going to wear it with? The shoe is a stunning work of art embellished with glitter material, a rubber sole reminiscent of that of a track/soccer cleat, and highlighted in pink and blue tones. The shoe is quite comfortable inside as your feet will be cushioned by Gucci’s premium leather interior- but the downside? After tying the laces in the most awkward way (double loops and knot around the ankle) there leaves a small gap in between the fabric and the foot at the sides. Not so noticeable but I like my shoes fitting firm all around.



The is a bit tricky to walk in as the cleats kind of give an okay grip on the ground but are manageable after a couple of steps.

The overall effect though is outstanding as the eye catching design compensates for it’s unpractical use. I would be cautious about wearing these a lot due to the delicate glitter material and rubber soles. My best suggestion: it’s an investment piece but where them sparingly! Protect these babies!

My favorite thing about this Gucci shoe is that it’s very unique and like a work of art which is my personal take on fashion. Fashion should be about experimenting and taking risks and this shoe definitely does that.

The shoe comes in several styles and colors so take your pick. You can view the collection online and in store at Gucci. Shout out to my SA Jony and the Houston team! You guys rock.

Meanwhile, take some time to watch the video above and until next time!



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