NOMADS – Men’s 90’s Grunge Style

April 5, 2016 — by HuesOfMan0



NOMADS – Men’s 90’s Grunge Style

April 5, 2016 — by HuesOfMan0

Exploring Men's 90's grunge style for Spring/Summer 2016

“Not until we are lost, do we begin to understand ourselves.”
-Henry David Thoreau


Men's 90s Grunge Style

To outsiders, living a nomadic lifestyle may seem like it’s all about wandering around aimlessly, but to those who live the life, it’s more about a journey; a journey to self discovery, facing the world without fears, living without restraint, living freely. For this editorial, I wanted to explore this concept, of men’s 90’s grunge style, west coast influences, and modern nomads to create a free spirited, indie vibe for Spring 2016.

For each look, I curated several pieces that I found from second hand merchants in Houston and on eBay. Plaids, distressed denims, suede, and mesh textures come into play when creating this look, along with DSQUARED2’s iconic tattoo body suit from their Deep Surf Collection to set the tone.

How To Style: Men’s 90s Grunge Style
The key to styling 90’s grunge is curating and layering the right pieces together. If you have a bold item, make sure the rest of your outfit is toned down as to not compete. Play with a specific color palette to help create something visually stable and pleasing.  For street style, I think it’s a good idea to experiment with the long/short or short/long for your pieces. I’ve seen a lot of this on the runway recently and looks quite well in person. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

Photography by:
Tiffany King
Billy Holden

The Indie

Grunge Style Plaid and Jeans

For cooler climates along the pacific west coast, this look combines layering pieces together for an effortless outfit. Pair with a flannel shirt and some fitted jeans and you’re ready to go. You’ll be on foot exploring new territory so find a good pair of durable boots (like these Chukkas from MooChila) to get you on your way. Bring home with you wherever you go with a good backpack. This one featured a solar powered panel to keep your phone and portable devices charged and ready.

Mens 90s Grunge street syle
Shirt H&M (Similar), Skinny Jeans H&M (Similar), Boots by MooChila, Backpack by MooChila, Tattoo bodysuit by DSQUARED2
Men's Grunge Street Style MoocChila Chukka Boot
The MooChila Chukka boot provides comfort and durability among the journey.

Denim Rocker

Men's Grunge style in Denim Vest by DSQUARED2, Tulle Tattoo Bodysuit by DSQUARED2
Backpack by MooChila, Denim Vest by DSQUARED2 (Similar), Tulle tattoo bodysuit by DSQUARED2

Taking inspiration from the early 90’s, this look utilizes denim for a west coast rocker look. Paired with the vibrant colors from the DSQUARED2 tulle body suit, this creates that edgy and dramatic look to bring out your inner rebel.

Mens 90s grunge style all denim vest , jeans, and boots
Control your own destiny. Featured are the MooChila Chukka boots in grey.

Urban Wayfarer

Street style Grunge mesh shirt by Topman
Shirt by Topman (Similar), Denim Shorts by Fossil (similar), Tulle tattoo bodysuit by DSQUARED2

For warmer climates, the nomad faces the heat of the beating sun. To keep him going, he needs light clothing and comfortable footwear. For this look, I’ve paired a mesh top along with denim shorts for comfort. The Doc Martens will provide ample cushion and protection along the gravel roads for trekking.

Mens street style grunge mesh top and black doc martens
Unable to stay, unwilling to leave.
The road less taken.
The road less taken.

Born Wild

Perforated faux leather top and shorts by Chester Paul Roberts 3
Perforated faux leather top and shorts by Chester Paul Roberts 3 Spring 16 Collection

Bold statement pieces with muted tops create a well balanced look for a more expressive approach to street style. The key is to draw the eye to one location. Here we have an a slightly oversized tank with patchwork trousers by Chester Paul Roberts. Pair a similar look with boots to take on your journey ahead.


Born Free

Suede Vest grunge street style
Vintage Vest (Similar), Tank Top by Taxi Taxi Houston (Similar), Jeans by Zara

Our final look combines vintage elements with urban style. This outfit’s main piece is the brown suede vest. Pair this with a simple tank, or graphic one as featured and pair with your favorite denim jeans or shorts. It’s an effortless look to take you on the go, wherever you’ll be.

West Coast Grunge Mens Style Suede Vest
You can never cross the ocean until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.
West Coast Grunge Mens Style Suede Vest
It feels good to be lost in the right direction…

Thanks for reading this! As always, if you have a question please email me or comment below. Don’t forget to connect with me on Instagram! Until then…

Ciao! – RJ

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