How to do SXSW

March 15, 2016 — by HuesOfMan0



How to do SXSW

March 15, 2016 — by HuesOfMan0

No Badge, No Worries

What’s Gucci Everyone?! The SXSW struggle is real but we got you covered with this guide to help you tackle SXSW 2016.


Prep your Social Media – utilize your biggest asset

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SXSW is filled with so many surprise parties & concerts.When it comes to getting the latest scoop in real-time, Twitter is our weapon of choice.  Party sponsors release their RSVP links and line up via social media. Most commonly, those releases are on Twitter, so if you’re doing SXSW this year, these are our favorite sxsw handles that are a must follow:

    1. @rsvpster
    2. @WhoaCo
    3. @unofficialsxsw
    4. @thefreenoms
    5. @atxconcert
    6. @FreeatSXSW
    7. @openbaratx


–  Free & Paid Services. They have the complete list of SXSW
free parties & events. You’re able to RSVP through their website for free,
or you can pay for their services in RSVP’ing for you.

– this is the spot where most party’s (Free & Badge Parties) use to host their
RSVP list & allow people to RSVP. It’s easy to sign up for and keeps
track of all your RSVPs

Are you not sure if an event is free or not? Do512 gives
you the complete list of all SXSW events and indicates
whether its free or if you need a badge.
Lets you discover events with free cover, free drinks,
or free food. Download the app.

Show up Early

During the Music portion, show up early. Most parties reach capacity quickly.

Check the Wait time
Before you stand in line for a party/concert, ask the organizers how long the wait is.
It’s not worth standing in line to then be turned away when they have reached capacity
(cough cough FADER FORT)

Also, don’t make the rookie move of leaving a party to later encounter a line 200 people
deep when trying to re-enter.

Have your RSVP confirmation Ready Along with ID
You will need to show your RSVP confirmation to gain entry to events.
(Check Tip on Eventbrite above)
Some events will check to confirm RSVPs names match ID/DL

Wear comfortable Shoes
There will be much walking and standing. Wear your most comfy shoes.
It’s not the time to bust out those cute new shoes.

CAUTION: Parking in the downtown area
will be nearly impossible. (You’ve been forewarned)
Corporate Sponsored Free shuttles, Uber, Lyft, and Austin Metro
will be your new best friend. Or your bicycle ;).

Stay Hydrated and Fed
There are open bar parties everywhere so you don’t want
to sick or get a public intoxication fine during SXSW.

Have an Itinerary
This will keep you on top of all the events you want to go.
If one event doesn’t work out there’s always another party.
Also, keep your events in a near radius.
It’s much “easier” to switch between parties.

Hope this short little survival guide helps you! And don’t forget, the HoM Team will be at Decoded at Hangar, and we want to meet you! Connect with us on @HuesOfMan on instagram and on twitter!


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