Gucci FW17: The Alchemist’s Garden

February 27, 2017 — by HuesOfMan0



Gucci FW17: The Alchemist’s Garden

February 27, 2017 — by HuesOfMan0

Oh My Gucci! He's done it again. An exclusive look into the Gucci FW17 Collection


Cast into Alessandro Michele’s world of mystery, nature, and fantasy, the Gucci FW17 collection takes us deeper into the realm of avant garde fashion than Gucci has ever gone before. The collection, which debuted on February 22 in Milan, was unveiled in Gucci’s first ever show combining men’s and women’s looks. It features the embroidery, jeweled embellishments, and sophistication that we have come to expect from Alessandro, but with a darker edge. Titled “The Alchemist’s Garden”, the collection borrows imagery from the ancient Egyptians, evoking an occult mysticism. The combination of the ancient, the natural, and the supernatural produces a collection that seeks to subvert many of our modern institutions. The male is the female. The dark is the light. The good is the evil.

Models walk through a glass tunnel, as if encased in the alchemist’s test tubes


Inside the showroom, I got to see and touch each of the runway looks more closely. Many of the pieces have an exotic, almost alien aura to them, yet the collection is a logical evolution of Alessandro’s grand vision for Gucci.Once in the showroom, I got to see and feel each of the runway looks more closely. Overall the collection is a cohesive extension of Alessandro’s grand vision for Gucci. This one for instance, felt like a mesh between Gucci Cruise 17 and Women’s SS17- both heavy with influences from British Punk and Old Hollywood glam.

Heavier fabrics were used for this collection which retained some of the 1970s British inspiration that we saw in the Men’s SS17 show

Many looks in the collection pushed the boundaries of avant garde to the edge of wearability, such as the red uni-tux and men’s cat suits. Alessandro is at his most inventive when his creations defy logic.

An embroidered uni-tuxedo
An embroidered men’s cat suit patterned with the classic GG monogram
A men’s jacket featuring intricate woven details

In keeping with the theme of primal nature and organic shapes, the collection featured several floral prints.

Seen here is a tuxedo with an all-over floral print. Note the return of the flared pants that we last saw in the SS16 collection.
More floral printed fabrics from the collection

In addition to the spring-like fabrics, the collection utilizes themes found throughout past seasons to give clients the option to further explore combining pieces- to create their own sense of style. Some of the men’s suits brought back the flared pant style from ss16 as well as tiger prints from the Cruise 17 collection.

British influences from the SS16 show return, as well as the tiger print from Cruise 17
A men’s suit from the FW17 show features the classic Green and Red web in a silhouette similar to that seen in the SS16 collection

Glam Rock

Lastly, it wouldn’t be Gucci without the over the top embroidered detailing with crystals and studs that adorned each garment.

Shoes from the FW17 show feature an updated Queercore monk covered with jeweled embellishment
An intricate scarab detailed on the back of a women’s gown from FW17
Ready to rock with a studded leather vest

and the crown jewel of the evening that captivated the entire audience:

A majestic sea green cape graced the runway with hundreds of hand sewn crystals and embroidery

With a mind as weird and creative Alessandro’s there’s no telling what’s next for Gucci. Let the journey continue deep down this mystical world of fashion.

Everybody was kung fu fighting…in the Gucci showroom 😉

Special thank you to Alyson Cafiero and Gucci for having me be part of this exclusive event.

Grazie mille!

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