Gucci Alchemists Garden

February 8, 2019 — by HuesOfMan0



Gucci Alchemists Garden

February 8, 2019 — by HuesOfMan0

A look into Gucci’s new fragrance line: The Alchemists Garden

The new fragrance line on display at the Wooster location

In line with their avant grade fashion, the Gucci brand has now launched an even more daring collection, this time with their new fragrance line, “The Alchemists Garden”. Creative director Alessandro Michele partnered with legendary perfumer Alberto Morillas to create distinguished scents that were inspired by special moments in Michele’s life. I joined Alyson Cafiero at a private event held at the Wooster location to get an unclose and personal look at the new collection.

Smelling the new “Song for a Rose” sampler

The Voice of the Snake
The most masculine of the scents, this one instantly reminded me of oak and woods. Per Morillas’ notes, the scent was inspired by the forest, nature, and the enchanting power of the king snake, which has been the house’s staple mascot for the past seasons under Michele. I recommend this if you want a more classic scent.

The Eyes of the Tiger
The particular scents also felt masculine, but a bit lighter than the Voice of the Snake. The perfume gives off a classic aroma of a woody nature and vanilla. The twist to this is a touch of Amber extract that has been infused to create a bold and distinct smell. I recommend this if you are looking for a masculine option with a bit of zing.

The Last Days of Summer
Exactly what it sounds like, this scent reminded me of fresh rain in a field of flowers. The scent has a certain zing to it that is refreshing combined with its floral aroma.

We were encouraged to find our own unique scent by mixing combinations together!

Tears of Iris
Tears of Iris was my favorite scent of this collection. While still woody, the scent emitted a calming effect on me. I favored the powdery smell based from its ingredients containing Iris flower, Sandalwood, Angelica seeds and Musks.

The bottle for “A Song for a Rose” is made with actual gold!

The Virgin Violet
Morillas noted that this particular scent was inspired by a mother’s warmth. The feminine aroma is soft, powdery, refreshing, and floral. While not the most extreme, this is a safe option that still gives a little flare.

Winter’s Spring
This scent is a little on the brighter end of the spectrum. The scent was inspired by the coming spring after a long winter. The smell a powerful burst of pepper and musk that is pleasing.

The scents come packaged in luxurious bottles.

A Song for the Rose
This was another personal favorite of mine as the scent was woody with the touch of Rose extracts. The scent will be a fan favorite as it was a common top choice among the audience. It’s smell is distinct but enough to leave the senses calmed and refreshed. To add, this particular scent comes in a special blue bottle with gold accents that protect the ingredients from reacting to outer elements.

Posing with Alberto Morillas and Gucci Beauty VP, Claudia Marcocci

The scents were lavish and unlike any other fragrance that I have tried before. I recommend venturing into the Gucci store near you and testing it out for yourself. Perhaps you may end up with your own special scent to mark a distinct memory!

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