Gucci Alchemists Garden

February 8, 2019 — by HuesOfMan3


In line with their avant grade fashion, the Gucci brand has now launched an even more daring collection, this time with their new fragrance line, “The Alchemists Garden”. Creative director Alessandro Michele partnered with legendary perfumer Alberto Morillas to create distinguished scents that were inspired by special moments in Michele’s life.


Cosmic Forces

October 25, 2017 — by HuesOfMan1


Cosmic Forces

Reminiscent of the glimmering lights of the stars and bright vibrant hues of the nebula, the trends of shimmer and silver this season have run rampant among street style. It’s the ultimat “seen or don’t be seen at all” look for the fall/winter.


Pretty in Bubblegum Pink

October 1, 2017 — by HuesOfMan0


Pretty in Pink - Going 80's for Fall 2017

I wanted to drop a little nugget of style inspiration for you all. This time, I wanted to take a page out of the retro playbook for this very vibrant look for fall. As we've all seen in the runways, and majorly for Gucci SS18, theres been a surge of period pieces- from broad shoulders, to track suits, and more.


Gucci FW17: The Alchemist’s Garden

February 27, 2017 — by HuesOfMan0


Oh My Gucci! He's done it again. An exclusive look into the Gucci FW17 Collection

Cast into Alessandro Michele's world of mystery, nature, and fantasy, the Gucci FW17 collection takes us deeper into the realm of avant garde fashion than Gucci has ever gone before. The collection, which debuted on February 22 in Milan, was unveiled in Gucci's first ever show combining men's and women's looks...



January 23, 2017 — by HuesOfMan1



Shot in the picturesque town of Freeport, TX, directors Nina Hawkins and Alan Ballesteros, along with photographer Caroline Fontenot collaborated with Hues of Man to create a stylized retelling of the story of the most notorious criminal duo in American history. “Bang Bang” re-imagines the story of Texas’s very own Bonnie and Clyde, a couple who went on an infamous spree of murders, robberies, and heists in the 1930s. Bang Bang reunites Hues of Man and Josh Robertson, as well as the models from the Revival of Gucci project. New York City fashion influencer and consultant Alyson Cafiero stars in the central role as the enigmatic Bonnie, and Hues of Man stars as her partner in crime. Pieces are from the Gucci FW16, Cruise 17, and Gucci Ghost Collections.

The Trouble Gang

The Trouble Gang, played by Josh Robertson, Joey Garcia, Erik Tjon, and Tucker May, rule the town dressed in Gucci’s and Trevor “Trouble” Andrew’s Gucci Ghost collaboration. The collection is a wild amalgamation of street and high fashion, bringing graffiti art influences to the Gucci brand. The men were styled to convey a rough, urban confidence.


Josh Robertson stars as the Trouble Gang leader in the Gucci Ghost bomber jacket
The original cast of the Gucci boys take part on a modern day adaptation of Bonnie and Clyde.
On Tucker (left): “Life is Gucci” neoprene jumper; On Joey (right): Gucci Ghost Diamond shirt with wool hat from Gucci FW16
On Erik: Gucci studded sunglasses, Gucci Ghost jersey tee, and Gucci Ghost silk scarf
On Joey: Gucci Ghost printed slip-on sneaker
Sneakers by Gucci

The Heist

On the way to the heist, Clyde (HuesofMan) wears a red embroidered cape from the Gucci Pre-Fall 16 collection, felt red hat, and Gucci Ghost Hamlet Skull shirt from Cruise 17.
Alyson Cafiero as Bonnie shines alongside HuesofMan in a stunning sequin skirt from Gucci FW16 along with a vintage inspired hat also from Gucci FW16, and embroidered gold heels from Gucci.
Alyson with a  snake printed pouch from Cruise 17 and black lion head ring with a black pearl rested in the lion’s mouth
HuesofMan in cat-eye glasses by Gucci
Joey, Eric, and Alyson
The shopper bag from Gucci FW16 runway plays a pivotal role in the short film
HuesofMan, Josh, Joey, Erik, and Alyson

The Chase

On Alyson: a John Brevard ring, Gucci Cruise 17 leather jacket with patchwork, lightning printed sunglasses and knitted beret from Gucci
Alyson wears the square-shaped star-studded sunglasses
Alyson in the leather embroidered jacket from the Gucci Cruise 17 collection
The character of Bonnie was styled in Gucci Cruise 17 pieces
HuesofMan in a tribute to Gucci’s classic web trim: Wool cardigan with green and red trim, vintage logo shirt, and vintage leather hat
The character of Clyde was styled with vintage pieces from the Gucci FW16 and Cruise 17 collection. Seen here is the graphic t-shirt from Cruise 17, cat-eye glasses, black cardigan, belt, vintage hat, and wool socks
The infamous duo Huesofman and Alyson Cafiero as Bonnie and Clyde


Nina Hawkins

Alan Ballesteros

Caroline Fontenot

Executive Producer
Randy Cantú

Diego Lozano

Lauren Bruno
Alyson Cafiero
Josh Robertson

Edward Sanchez

Location Manager
Elias “Q” Aguilera Jr.

Art Direction
Randy Cantú
MJ Lazcano
Ralph Macabitas

Alyson Cafiero as Bonnie
HuesofMan as Clyde
Josh Robertson as The Boss
Joey Garcia as Trouble Member #1
Erik Tjon as Trouble Member #2
Tucker May as Trouble Member #3
Tony Corona as Bartender
Carlos Philpot as Stunt Driver #1
Lee Lilley ay Stunt Driver #2

Special Thank you to:
Shannon Lilley, Owner of 1966 Mustang
Carlos Philpot, Owner 1986 Buick Grand National
Larry Mcdonald, Owner Kiki’s Tiki Cantina
Jennifer Hawkins, Freeport Economic Development Corporation
City of Freeport, Heritage Ballroom
Mingo Marquez Jr., Bridge Harbor Yacht Club
Donovan Backman, Black Diamond Detail
Captain Ken’s Port-O-Call, Catering

and last but not least…

Giuseppe B. of Gucci Sloane Street, U.K.

Ryan, Jony, and Shae of Gucci Houston



Gucci Remixed

December 7, 2016 — by HuesOfMan0


It’s all Gucci to Me

As I sifted through my personal clothing rack of Gucci clothing, I wondered, “How far can I really take this stylistically?” The Italian powerhouse has been making waves in the fashion industry with its reinventing approach towards fashion, and especially with the menswear line where genderless apparel is welcome...


About A Man: RoiWilly

November 13, 2016 — by HuesOfMan0


About A Man: RoiWilly

I first started HuesOfMan based on the idea of highlighting diversity in our world through fashion. Whether it be people, style, patterns, or colors- I always sought to include these themes through the blog. Now I'm taking it a step further by highlighting one of the few people I look to daily for fashion inspiration. Who is it? It's @RoiWilly. I discovered him on Instagram (through our love of Gucci hehe) and felt connected to his diverse sense of style and his interpretation of menswear. Read more about Will below!


Houston Renaissance: Fashion x Houston Recap

October 18, 2016 — by HuesOfMan0


Fashion Returns to Houston with a Bang!

It's been awhile since Houston has had a full blown fashion week. With the absence of Fashion Houston and only little pop-up events here and there, the city seemed to be warding off any attraction on capitalizing on the art and fashion industry. That all ended this past week when Matt and Kara Swinney of Fashion X launched the first ever FashionX Houston...


A New York Minute: Gucci x Gucci Ghost

September 19, 2016 — by HuesOfMan0


A Glimpse Inside the Gucci x Gucci Ghost Launch at NYFW in NYC

Normally, you have to be a fashion journalist, a celebrity, or a major client to get into these types of events. However, someone at Gucci showed my blog and Instagram to Gucci's North American corporate headquarters, and they wanted to show their appreciation for my work and my loyalty to the brand. Along with the invitation, I was notified that I'd be getting the VIP treatment, with Gucci generously paying all travel and lodging expenses. I was also told I would get to meet Trevor "Trouble" Andrew, the brain behind Gucci Ghost, one of the hottest fashion collaborations of the year....